Services to help you transform!

Mentoring for personal growth

We see life as we are, in other words, life is the reflection of us, of our inner world. If we are unhappy with the world, we first have to change ourselves. Mentoring sessions will help you understand yourself, what is holding you back, your patterns and beliefs, values, and much more. The focus is on developing your awareness and breaking through your limitations allowing you to grow into the true you. Once you understand your psychology and what is stopping you, you will learn to respond rather than react. By responding you will get the opportunity to choose a different path from the one you subconsciously take every day. Furthermore, awareness will help you become a responsible individual, which in turn will give you a greater impact on yourself and others through leading by example. We will also help you connect the dots to find your meaning in life and see your gifts and talents. Through our mentoring, you will be able to find a place within yourself that is nourished, real, balanced, and connected.

Mentoring sessions are available for individuals, couples, groups, or businesses. There is no age limitation, everyone is welcome. Mentoring sessions are carried out  either via zoom calls or in our studio. We are flexible and open to other options which we can discuss in your free consultation.

60 Minutes

This is the initial session, which will set the foundation for further mentoring. We will uncover your limitations and gifts and make a plan for your transformation. You can choose to be mentored either by one of us or both together. Please note that Scott’s sessions will be in English only, however, Jasmina speaks Slovene as well. If you decide to be mentored by both of us, you can choose either language.

45 Minutes

After your first session, you have the option of continuing 60-minute sessions or you can choose a 45 minute one. We recommend it for when you get stuck working on something we have already spoken about and need extra help. In this case, the session is delivered by one of us only.

Personalised programs

We offer 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks, or longer programs that are created specifically for you. This will allow us to go deeper, and it will help you to know your hidden patterns, values, and beliefs in more detail. Understanding yourself will provide you the capacity to overhaul your life and do something different.

Your Breakthrough Program

We have created a unique personal development program based on our studies and knowledge from our experiences as mentors. We are aware that as humans we can’t always solve the problems we are facing on our own and it’s really important to know how and when to ask for support. Hence the online program titled Your Breakthrough in which we are going to focus on developing your awareness and breaking through your limitations allowing you to grow into your true self. Once you have a greater understanding of yourself and your limitations, you will get a chance to change what hasn’t been working for you and create the life that you want. If you put the work in, you will see results. The program will be held for 6 weeks multiple times during the year in a group setting. If you prefer to do the program individually, please contact us via email or call to discuss further.

Our next program will be held again in 2024

Free 30-minute consultation

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification

Change Artistry is one of the very few certified practitioners of Emotional Intelligence in Slovenia. 

What is actually Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence is being smarter with feelings. It helps us establish better relationships, well-being, greater efficiency, and a higher quality of life. 

Most of the challenges in today’s world are not due to a lack of data or technical skills but are rather emotional in nature and closely related to the quality of relationships. Emotions are one of the important foundations that affect our health, achieving goals, creating and maintaining relationships, making decisions, achieving success in various areas of life, etc. 

If you wish to test and learn more about your current emotional intelligence, how to improve it, or use it to your advantage, we would be happy to help you.

Free 30-minute consultation

Brain Profiles - serious science made simple

Brain Profiler Certification Badge

Brain Profiles are a great way to introduce emotional intelligence, improve self-awareness, and strengthen communication and collaboration in your personal and professional life.

Everyone’s brain processes information differently. The key to working well with yourself and others is developing self-awareness around your patterns and noticing how you use them.

While many emotional intelligence tests and psychological profiles focus on behaviour, these tools look at the drivers. There are three individual reports to choose from, depending on your needs at the time:

Brain Brief Profile

How does your brain focus, decide, and drive? What is your brain style? How does your brain prefer to use your emotional intelligence?

Brain Talent Profile

What are your brain’s key strengths for creating the future? How can you best put emotional intelligence into action?

Brain Discovery Profile

How are your style, strengths, and challenges creating results? What are your highest and lowest emotional intelligence talents?


If you would like to understand yourself better and find out what drives you, this tool is a great place to start.

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Reiki is derived from two Japanese words, rei meaning universal and ki meaning life force energy. It’s universal energy that runs through every living being. The healing technique originated in Japan in the early 20th Century and is widely used and accepted in today’s world. This energy is unlimited and runs through our bodies, however, due to different reasons it can get blocked or imbalanced, which in turn can cause various health problems.

With Reiki, we can stimulate self-healing at a very deep level by bringing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body into balance. It is available for everyone as long as the receiver is willingly open to accept it. Reiki has no negative effects, and it always delivers just the right amount of energy for every individual. Additionally, it harmonises well with personal growth and development, so we highly recommend utilizing them both together.

Some of the positive outcomes of Reiki are helping to release blocked energy, stimulating a person’s own natural healing abilities, helping ease body pain, balancing stress, strengthening the immune system, helping with burnout, etc. During the treatment, the healer is a medium that transmits the energy to the receiver, who can feel warmth, tingles, and other sensations. This can be done in person with a hands-on technique or remotely. 


Reiki sessions last from 20 to 60 minutes based on your choice and include a short conversation with one of us and a healing process. This can be performed in our studio or remotely. Personalised packages are available upon request. If you are not sure whether Reiki is for you, we are happy to answer any additional questions.


If you are in a relationship, we highly recommend experiencing Reiki with your partner. While you are both enjoying the benefits that Reiki has to offer, you will create a deeper connection between you. You can do it in the comfort of your home or you can visit us in our studio. During this session, each of you will be looked after by one of us. The duration of the treatment is based on your choice.


Like humans, animals are part of the universal life energy. Therefore, Reiki is also suitable for them as the positive effects can be transmitted to all living beings. You can choose the treatment solely for the general well-being of your pet, or in addition to any ongoing treatment provided by veterinarians. In the latter way, you will create a more holistic approach and thus offer your pet the best chance for its welfare. When performing Reiki for animals we encourage remote healing, as in this case the animal will not experience unnecessary stress. Alternatively, we are also available for house visits (additional charges may apply) or you may visit us in the studio together with your pet. We limit treatment to 20 minutes.

Reiki courses

If you would like to learn and master Reiki techniques for the purposes of your own healing or healing others, we offer Reiki courses of all levels. These are held in groups on selected dates, which are published on the website. There is also the possibility of individual courses, for which please contact us to make arrangements. Knowledge and experiences are upgraded through levels. No prior knowledge is required.

Free 30-minute consultation

Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness is a collection of processes and practical tools that help us quieten the mind so that our consciousness can come to the forefront through energy treatments, a cleansing saying, and questions. The most basic treatment from the Access Consciousness collection is the Access Bars treatment, in which, by touching 32 points on the head that represent different areas in life, it provides the opportunity to remove blockages, various beliefs, attitudes, patterns, and thoughts from the subconscious mind that prevent us from living the best version of ourselves.

The points have helped thousands of people around the world change many aspects related to their bodies and lives, including sleep, health, weight, money, relationships, stress, various psychosomatic problems, and much more. The goal is to open the channel to consciousness so that the mind will no longer hinder us and keep us in the role of a victim. Together with our consciousness, we get the opportunity to put ourselves in the role of the creator of our life, easily, joyfully, and gloriously.

Access Bars full treatment

The treatment lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and is performed in a lying position with gentle touches on different points of the head. After 15 minutes the brain goes into the theta state, a state of deep relaxation that activates the body's self-healing and opens a space of awareness in your life. If you relax enough and let the process run, you may even fall asleep. After the treatment, you will feel deeply relaxed and, according to many reports, experience an empty head without unnecessary thoughts, doubts, worries, and feelings of distress. You will receive exactly as many changes as you energetically allow through each treatment.

Access Bars shorter treatment

If you are limited by time and would still like to try the Access Bars treatment, we offer you a shorter, 30-minute version. The purpose is exactly the same as for the full treatment, except that in this case we only focus on a few specific points. We choose certain points to work on together based on a prior conversation with you.

Free 30-minute consultation

Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence, Reiki and Access Bars Packages

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of mentoring, Emotional Intelligence, Reiki, and Access Bars together, we can create a special package for you that will include a combination of all our services. In this case, you will need to book an initial mentoring session first, which will allow us to make a plan together of what would be most suitable for you. Give yourself a chance and experience the best of all worlds!