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Scott & Jasmina Jewell outside in nature

Our Story

We are a married couple with two kids and two dogs. Our journey together began in 2008. After eight years of living in Scott’s homeland Australia, we decided to settle in Jasmina's home country Slovenia, where we are creating the life that we want. Although our life wasn’t always the way it is today, we each had a unique journey that brought us to where we are now.

Before we met, both of us were going through individual battles and were unable to properly navigate through them, which resulted in us being sad, resentful, angry, anxious, and even depressed. We were hiding it all inside and either using alcohol or keeping ourselves busy to escape from the reality we had created. Between us, we dealt with the feeling of not being good enough and needing to be liked, with lack of direction, procrastination, stuckness, fear of expressing ourselves, pleasing others, low self-esteem, hiding, etc. Back then we were searching for happiness and validation in the wrong place – externally. Going through various problems we have learned many lessons and built our own wisdom, which in turn shaped our understanding of life as it is today. We are not perfect and that’s ok as it gives us the determination and strength we need to keep growing and trying to become better every day. To be honest, we weren’t big fans of challenges in the past until we found help and support in Wellness Breakthrough Academy run by the Irving couple, where we learned that the purpose lies in your problems. Now we welcome each obstacle as we are aware that there is always a reward waiting on the other side.

We are both natural helpers and that is why we want to help anyone who has the will and desire to change. We are aware that if we would like to be good mentors, we must constantly work on ourselves, and this is our promise, which will be fulfilled by us continuously learning and evolving.

Our big wish is to inspire you to keep going even when you don’t feel like it and to support you on the path to achieving your dreams. We will share our knowledge and experiences to help you find your own meaning in life. We really want to enable you to step into the best version of yourself. After all, life is a journey of never-ending learning and change is the only way forward to creating your beautiful path.

“You are one change away to break through your life towards freedom!”

Bronze telescope


Change Artistry was born from the inspiration to help as many people as possible in the process of creating the life they want. We have committed to bringing together all our experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and practical skills that we use into one place. Our aim is to champion you to find the courage you need to create your own transformation and become the best version of yourself. We believe that once you fully embrace change, you become liberated and unstoppable, which in turn means that everything becomes possible. Freedom from what is holding you back from your true potential is the ultimate way forward.

Galgo - Spanish Hound

Something Close To Our Heart

We have always been and continue to be big animal lovers. In 2020 our life changed forever. We adopted a galgo (Spanish hound) April from a rescue shelter and this is when our love for discarded hounds began. Jasmina decided to become a volunteer for a Slovenian Association called S hrti za hrte Slovenija, which helps find new homes for galgos and other hunting dogs in Spain and retired racing greyhounds in Ireland. Those dogs have been mistreated, used for people’s enjoyment, and then either killed or abandoned. The lucky ones who survived are now living in shelters, waiting for their second chance in life. We work on building awareness around the sad situation these dogs must go through and provide help in other ways. We believe that all animals, the same as humans, deserve to be respected and treated with kindness, care, and love. If you would like to know more about this topic which is close to our heart, we are here to answer your questions.