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Jasmina & Scott Jewell inside at the national gallery

Change Artistry's Background

Change Artistry is run by Jasmina and Scott Jewell, who are very passionate about helping others and animals in any way possible. They are both accredited mentors and Reiki Masters, who have overcome different struggles in life. Their wish is to share their knowledge and message Create your change with the world through mentoring, Reiki healing, and teaching. Additionally, they have travelled around the world for work and pleasure, which has provided them with many invaluable life experiences they can now use to guide you on your path towards transformation.

“We believe in you and we champion
your magic!”

Change Artistry's key principles


Before you start your journey of transformation, Change Artistry encourages you to develop self-acceptance. Once you accept yourself and the situation you are in, change becomes easier.

Holistic Approach

Change Artistry uses a holistic approach focusing on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states. We believe they are interlinked and for you to change, this must happen on all levels.

Awareness and Responsibility

Change Artistry believes that the fundamental part of your change is building awareness. This will give you knowledge of your patterns, values, beliefs, and other things that stop you from living to your full potential. Additionally, you will learn to take responsibility for your life and change faster by empowering yourself through integral actions.

Kindness, Care and Respect

Change Artistry treats everybody with absolute kindness, care, and respect. We consider everyone as equals and there is no place for judgement.

Continuous Change and Growth

Change Artistry strives for your never-ending transformation and growth. We believe change is inevitable and once you become comfortable with it, you will continue to evolve without limitations.

Are you ready to take action?

It’s not uncommon that we want to change but we’re not sure where to start. The beginning can be quite daunting, and we often decide against transformation because of that exact reason. We believe it’s important to find the right support to get started, someone that will guide you and encourage you on your path toward creating a new life. That someone should be a person whom you feel safe with and who respects you, and vice versa. If you really want to change your life and don’t wish to do it alone, don’t hesitate to contact us. Book your free 30-minute consultation. After all, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain!


"Having the opportunity to work with Scott and Jasmina was absolutely incredible. To be able to work through your own limitations and transform into who you want to become is incredibly easy when working with Change Artistry. Through their ability to intuitively guide you with compassion, understanding and brilliance, I would highly recommend Jasmina and Scott if you are looking to becoming a better you!"
Eric McAlister
"I’ve been seeing Change Artistry weekly for a few months now, and the improvements I’ve seen in my mindset, relationships and general drive are nothing short of life changing. Scott and Jasmina are so caring and easy to open up to, yet at the same time they cut through the noise of what I’m going through to get to the core issue, no nonsense. They equip you with techniques and perspectives to immediately transform your issue into something you can work with and grow from. If you’re looking for personal development, I cannot recommend them enough."
Dominic Pelecanos
"I feel incredibly grateful to have met Jasmina and Scott, who have helped me immensely in our sessions together. From family issues, to burnout at work, relationships, and building self-esteem, there is nothing that they haven’t been able to help me with. Using their knowledge, wisdom and expertise, Jasmina and Scott have been able to cut through the surface of issues to uncover the underlying root causes, along with then providing care, support, and helpful tools and strategies to overcome them. Jasmina and Scott are extremely kind, supportive and non-judgmental in their approach and are fully invested in helping every client to get the most of out of each session. Jasmina and Scott are also able to provide their own unique perspective on issues/challenges discussed, leading to a more holistic understanding of issues and more wholesome support and high-quality assistance. Thanks to them, I have gained clarity and confidence in many areas of my life. I feel more able to lead my life the way that I want and I am now armed with useful tools and strategies to help me better overcome any barriers and challenges I may face in the future. I cannot recommend Jasmina and Scott enough to anyone seeking support, guidance or strategies to help them with any and all areas of life."
Priyanka Gupta
"In my Reiki session with Scott and Jasmina I felt a lot of calm soothing energy come over all my body. I felt my heart opening and a lot of hurt being filled with love, forgiveness and acceptance. I got a lot of awareness around my pain through the session and felt very supported and loved and cared for throughout it. It really helped me to feel more whole within and to have more peace within me as I was going through an emotionally tough time. To feel this inner support and love for myself helped me to feel less anxious and more confident I could handle my emotions and the feelings I was experiencing."
Samantha J Brunskill
"As I sit on my verandah I reflect on the conversations I’ve had with Jasmina and Scott. Honestly, going into my first session I had no idea what it was all about. But within minutes we were hitting the big stuff, easily and comfortably. Talking about my day-to-day life and decisions it is easy to get caught up in my head and my own ideals but to see it all from someone else's perspective and to get feedback that is constructive and sound has bought another layer to my everyday thought patterns. I have put nearly everything into practice and I’m loving the changes."
Kari Lyn Jenner
"I recommend Jasmina and Scott for their highly intuitive and very relaxing Reiki. It was an amazing experience with them both doing Reiki at the same time. I had a very deep and peaceful sleep afterwards and felt my body let go of all the tension I was holding. Do yourself a huge favor and book a session with these wonderful humans!"
Cayla Pothan
"Nadvse sem hvaležna, da sem imela priložnost izkusiti razliko, ki sta jo Jasmina in Scott ustvarila z Reikijem. Oba sta odprta, dosegljiva, nadarjena, intuitivna ter imata veliko znanja. V njuni družbi sem se počutila zelo varno in še posebej všeč mi je bilo, da sta bila skrbna. Ko sem obležala zaradi Covida, je bilo težko najti pomoč, ker živim sama v tujini. Ponudila sta mi Reiki na daljavo in moram reči, da sem se po koncu počutila veliko bolje. Zjutraj sem bila skoraj kot nova in vse skupaj sem prebrodila z lahkoto. Bila sem mirna in čutila sem, da je telo prepojeno z novo, pozitivno energijo. Razlika med pred in po zdravljenju je bila kot dan in noč in občudovanja vredno je to, da sta se oba še posebej potrudila zame glede na stanje, v katerem sem bila. Vsekakor ju priporočam vsem, ki imate kakršnekoli zdravstvene težave oziroma če zgolj želite izboljšati svoje počutje. Hvala."
Urša Potočnik
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